Parent Testimonials

"The lighthouse preschool is an amazing place for my son to be. He gets the best care possible and he is able to learn in a fun and enticing environment. My son loves it there. He is very comfortable there and loves his teachers. The staff are all very caring and make it fun for the kids. All the staff know my son by name even if he isn't in their class. I love how connected they are there. I always feel my son is safe and in good hands. The owner Corey Lewis is an amazing woman. She is very caring and goes above and beyond to make sure the kids are safe and well taken care of. She has always made sure my son is safe, comfortable, and taken care of him whatever his needs are. She has gone above and beyond for me and my son several times and is very understanding of unique situations. She makes sure all her staff is top notch and that they perform well everyday. She has gone above and beyond to make sure the environment she provides is conducive to learning and very inviting and comfortable for the kids and the parents. Corey is very approachable and cares for the parents as well. I have always felt comfortable going to her with any concerns or needs that I have. She has always been very respectful and understanding. I love that I have a place that I feel will take care of my son as well as I do." "Thank you Lighthouse preschool and Corey Lewis!"

"My son attended The Lighthouse from just under 18 months until he was 3 1/2. The Lighthouse, Corey and her staff are bright, loving, caring people and her facility is completely safe and secure. I have been to, too many daycares between Pocatello and Idaho falls, and The Lighthouse is one of the cleanest, and brightest facilities I've been to. They have cameras in every room, security locked doors (password secure or door bell, so not just anyone can come in) and parents check their kids in and out by finger print scanner. They are always outside playing in their huge fully fenced yard, which they do all kinds of fun outside activities, like water days or mud days, riding bikes, or just running around. Inside they do reading, crafts, sensory play, colors, letters, numbers, sing songs, and dance. My son struggled, had huge tantrums and meltdowns daily, but I was always welcomed at the door with arms open ready to snuggle my needy boy. I never received rolling eyes or exhausted looks. Just a big smile and a warm hug. They recognize when children just need a little extra loves and will carry them around, let them help out in Corey's office or other classrooms. One of her teachers, Heather, is absolutely amazing, and I will be forever grateful for her. She took my son under her wing and worked with him. He had his favorites that changed from time to time, from Brianna, Brittany, her son Zack, and Tonya, a couple others, but Heather, she was different. He came home, talking about how much he misses Miss Heather, asked for her at bedtime, wanted to go to school, because he "can't wait to see Heathers!" The tantrums and meltdowns were getting further and further apart. He was learning and talking more. Upon leaving, several of the staff and my family were all crying saying our goodbyes. Since the move, I have discontinued working because I cannot find a daycare that even slightly compares to the love and quality we received being at The Lighthouse. I keep in contact with Corey and several of her staff members, and am constantly begging them to just move their facility closer to me! Your children could not be in better hands than Corey and her staff. Each room has teachers who actually love what they do, not just work for a paycheck. Corey and her team provide total peace of mind, a safe place for children to learn and grow, and be completely loved."
Forever thankful parents and child,
Marc, Shannel and Domanic Guzman